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Exterior Photo Of Pearl Fine Dental Care, A Bournemouth Dental PracticePearl Fine Dental Care is a top rated Bournemouth dental practice. Rated one of the best dentists in Bournemouth in 2018 by, Dr. Gorjifar has long been a favorite among his patients. Our patients have been referring us to friends as a practice that is committed to stress free, holistic dentistry where we make patient comfort and care our primary focus. We are committed to ensuring that each patient has a fabulous experience when they visit our Bournemouth dental practice.


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Top Cosmetic Dentist At Our Bournemouth Dental Practice

  • Top Quality Cosmetic Dentistry Give You A Great Smile
  • Whiter, Straighter Teeth Fast With Dental Veneers
  • Affordable Dental Bridges Improve Your Appearance And Health
  • A Holistic Dental Implant Provider Treats The Whole Person
  • One Hour Dental Caps Save You Time
  • In Surgery Lab Provides Fast Cosmetic Dental Service


How Important Is A Good Smile?

One of the first things you notice about a person is their smile. People all over the world are aware of this and are conscious of the state of their own smile. Negative feelings about the appearance of your teeth can lead to a reluctance to smile and feelings of poor self confidence. This can have devastating effects on your personal and business life.

Stress and a busy life-style can cause many people to neglect their regular dental checkups, allowing minor issues to become major ones. The plaque that builds up on teeth has been linked to an increase in the development of diabetes, stroke, and heart disease. Good oral hygiene habits and regular visits to a dentist help prevent these very serious diseases.


Whiter, Straighter Teeth Fast With Dental Veneers

Veneers are a thin layer of material made from porcelain or a composite, that is custom made to fit your teeth. The veneer is then bonded to the natural tooth enamel and can quickly and easily improve teeth that are stained, crooked, chipped, cracked or have gaps.

A beautiful set of veneers can be created and applied with just a few visits to our comfortable Bournemouth dental practice.


Dental Implants At Our Bournemouth Dental Practice

Dental implants are an excellent way to replace broken or missing teeth. Dr. Gorjifar, a Dental Implant Periodontist in Bournemouth, is an expert in creating beautiful dental implants that improve a person’s speech, ability to chew food, and prevents the “falling” of the face that occurs with missing teeth.

Dental implants do not have to be anchored to neighbouring teeth, the way bridges are. They are surgically positioned in the jawbone using a titanium post, acting as a tooth root. Because implants are fused to your bone, they provide a stable support for your new teeth. The implants won’t shift or slip, the way dentures can, providing a secure fit which is particularly beneficial when speaking or eating. Get more information about dental implants at our Bournemouth dental practice.


Dental Bridges – A Good Alternative To Implants

Dental bridges can provide a less invasive alternative to dental implants. By anchoring the dental bridge to the neighbouring teeth, dental bridges can fill the place left by one or more missing teeth. They fill the gap, preventing “face fall” and improving overall appearance, when implants aren’t a good solution.


Convenient, One-Hour Dental Caps And Crowns

Dental crowns are tooth-shaped caps that are placed over broken or worn teeth, improving their usability and appearance. When the crown is cemented into place, it fully encases the old tooth and becomes a permanent part of your teeth. If you have teeth that are weakened or cracked, a dental crown may be the solution you need. With the in-surgery lab at our Bournemouth dental practice, we can design, create and place a dental crown in a single visit. This reduces down time and makes the procedure much more convenient.


Dentures or False Teeth At Our Bournemouth Dental Practice

When most of your natural teeth are weak or missing, you may need to consider false teeth, or dentures. While many people think of dentures as something that only older people would consider, many people can benefit from a great set of dentures. If dental implants aren’t right for you, and you need more than a couple of teeth replaced, consider getting natural looking dentures to give you a perfect smile. Dentures have come a long way since “wooden teeth” and can be made to look exactly like real teeth, only better! Come, see how great a new set of dentures can look, at our Bournemouth dental practice.


Teeth Whitening At Our Bournemouth Dental Practice

If your only insecurity about your teeth is due to staining from food, drink, smoking or time, teeth whitening may be the answer. In-office teeth whitening or at home teeth whitening offer two different options for fast, long-lasting improvements to your smile.

In-office tooth whitening treatment is available at our Bournemouth dental practice. Using Zoom! Chairside whitening technology, you can achieve several shades whiter teeth in just an hour. Recent changes in UK regulations have made the in-office treatment work more slowly than it once did, but it still offers the quickest way to achieve a brilliantly white smile!

At-home teeth whitening treatments offer long-lasting tooth bleaching in the comfort of your own home. With at-home treatment, a custom fit tray is molded in the office, and then you will take home the tooth bleach to use daily until the desired level of whiteness has been achieved.


Regain Confidence With Cosmetic Dentistry At Our Bournemouth Dental Practice

With a brilliant smile and confidence in your appearance, you’ll be set to conquer the professional world. Confidence will allow you to open up, smile more and create the kind of professional and personal relationships that you want to nurture in your life. No more hanging back! Make the change today!


Holistic Dentistry At Our Bournemouth Dental Practice

Dr. Maziar Gorjifar, the head of surgery at Pearl Fine Dental Care, completed his dental studies in Odontology at Malmö University in Sweden. He is a firm believer in treating patients as an entire person, recognizing that improved oral health effects improved physical and mental health.
Dr. Gorjifar engages in mercury free dentistry and has connections with other holistic medical practitioners in the area, to whom he can refer patients who wish for further holistic treatments. If you’re looking for a holistic Bournemouth dental practice, Dr. Gojifar is your guy!


Private Dentist In Bournemouth

A private practice can provide superior dental care with state-of-the-art equipment, in comfort and style. Dr. Gorjifar enjoys providing same day crowns, caps and bridges through the in-surgery lab and use of Cerec technology. Having an in-clinic lab eliminates the need for multiple dental visits to have a single tooth or crown created and placed.


Affordable Dental Care For The Whole Family

Dr. Gorjifar treats both children and adults, providing excellent dental care for the entire family. He is committed to patient education and spends whatever time is necessary to explain the treatments available and creating a personalised treatment plan.


Dental Implants At Our Bournemouth Dental Practice Is A Two Part Procedure

The dental implant surgery treatment normally has two stages. First the support post must be placed in the jaw and the jaw allowed to heal. Once the healing has taken place, the replacement teeth are attached to the support post. This may require more than one visit, first to fit and design the replacement teeth and then to place them. However, sometimes a single visit to the surgery can accomplish both fitting and placement, through the use of in-surgery Cerec Technology.


Who Can Perform A Dental Implant Procedure?

Dentist Dr. Maziar Gorjifar, the dentist at our Bournemouth dental practice

A periodontist, or someone with extensive experience in treating periodontology, should make a determination as to the healthiness of your gums and bone structure before deciding if you are a good candidate for dental implants. There are several conditions and lifestyles that put a person at risk of dental implant failure, and a good dentist would not recommend them for a dental implant procedure. For instance a person who was recently a smoker, is still a smoker, or someone who quit smoking less than six months before, is not a good candidate for implants, as smoking damages the gums and make them slower to heal. This slower healing puts them at risk for dental implant procedure failure.

Some conditions that may exclude a person from being a good dental implant candidate are:

  • Diabetes – Diabetes that is not well controlled by diet, exercise and medicine can make your body slower to heal. Thankfully, if your diabetes is well under control, you may still be able to receive dental implant surgery.
  • Hypertension – High blood pressure, or hypertension, could possibly exclude a person as a candidate for dental implant surgery. However, this is not always the case. The dental implant specialist and medical doctor should collaborate on an individual’s condition and together make a determination about a person’s qualification for surgery, including dental implants.
  • Jawbone Tissue Loss – In order to get dental implants, you need to have sufficient jawbone tissue, as this is the tissue into which the titanium screw will fuse. One of the common side effects of periodontitis is jawbone tissue loss. If you’ve lost jawbone tissue to gum disease, an additional oral surgery called a jawbone graft can help regrow jawbone tissue in your mouth, making it possible for you to get dental implants. While this condition may delay your dental implants surgery for 6 months to a year, it is still entirely possible for you to repair your smile with dental implants.
  • Low Sinuses – If you’ve been diagnosed as having low sinuses, it may be that you need a sinus lift before becoming a good candidate for dental implant surgery. A sinus lift is a procedure that will lift your sinuses out of the way so that the titanium screw required for dental implants won’t interfere with your sinuses. The procedure for the sinus lift would then need to be given time to heal before the dental implant surgery could take place. However, if you’ve been told that you have low sinuses, you may still be able to repair your smile with dental implants.


Does Pearl Fine Dental Care Have A Periodontal Specialist On Staff?

Dr. Maziar Gorjifar is a general dentist with a special interest in periodontology. He has studied gum disease and its treatment for many years, outside of his formal training. He has more than a decade of experience in dental implants and performs many successful dental implant procedures each year.


Who Is A Candidate For Dental Implants?

Not everyone is a candidate for dental implants. The oral health of the patient is the primary consideration and dental implants cannot be performed if a person’s oral health won’t support long-lasting success. Dr. Maziar Gorjifar, head of dentistry at Pearl Fine Dental Care, is committed to providing holistic dental care for his patients, with their overall health as his top priority. He ensures that each patient understands all of the treatment options available to them and helps them choose the option that provides the most beneficial, long term outcome.

A full dental implant consultation can help you determine if you are a good candidate for dental implants. The consultation includes a thorough oral examination, x-rays, and a full consideration of your medical history. Visit our Bournemouth surgery for a dental implant consultation by calling 01202 421999.

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What Problems Can Dental Implants Address?

Dental implants can address a number of smile concerns, including:

Face Shape – The shape of your teeth should be aesthetically in harmony with the shape and features of your face. Dental implants can improve or restore the shape of your face by remedying the “falling in” that often occurs when teeth are missing.

Tooth Colour – Matching tooth colour is an important part to creating a smile that looks natural and not “artificial”. Our dental implants are always created to match your current teeth colour, so that they look natural and “real.” When needed, we can also complete teeth whitening procedures to improve the overall brightness of your teeth and then give you dental implants that match. Get completely natural looking dental implants at our Bournemouth dental practice.

Nutritional Uptake – Replacing missing teeth makes it easier for you to thoroughly chew your food, increasing the amount of available nutrition and the enjoyment of eating.

Improved Speech – Missing teeth can affect a person’s speech, making them difficult to understand. Replacing these teeth with dental implants improves your speech and appearance.


Dental Implants Can Lead To Improved Self Image

Because broken, decayed, or missing teeth can affect so many aspects of our life, fixing these issues can make a tremendous improvement to a person’s overall sense of well being. Improved speech, appearance, and nutrition helps a person feel better physically and emotionally, improving their self confidence and self image.


How Important Is A Great Smile?

People who are self conscious about their teeth are much less likely to smile in an open, genuine way. Tight, closed lip smiles can send a negative message to another person that you are merely tolerating them and not genuinely enjoying their company. While this may not be true, the truth is in the eye of the beholder and a less-than-confident smile can put you at a disadvantage when it comes to your social and business life.


Restore Your Smile With Dental Implants At Our Bournemouth Dental Practice

There are many reasons why a person may need “smile restoration.” Trauma is a common cause of tooth loss. Sports injuries can knock a tooth loose, or a car accident may even cause the loss of all of a person’s teeth. Periodontal disease can cause tooth loss, as well.

Once you’ve lost a tooth, a person can become self-conscious of their smile or unwilling to smile so that people can see the missing tooth or teeth. They may find themselves covering their mouth when they speak, or failing to make eye contact with another person during conversation, as they worry about someone noticing their missing teeth.

But this need not be! You can get total smile restoration with dental implants at the Bournemouth dental practice, when you contact Dr. Maziar Gorjifar at Pearl Fine Dental Care.

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A Commitment To Personalised Dental Excellence

Dr. Maziar helps his patients to understand the correlation between excellent oral hygiene and improved dental outcomes. He is careful in his implementation of dental treatments, ensuring that the treatment chosen for each candidate is the very best for that individual. He will not perform dental procedures on patients who are not a good health candidate for the procedure in question. However, he will work with patients to find the most healthful, long-lasting, and beneficial treatment for their specific situation. This commitment to personalised dental care makes him the ideal dentist for the entire family.

When you’re looking for a Bournemouth dental practice, you’ll find Pearl Fine Dental Care to be an excellent choice!

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