Committed to providing patients with detailed information, an itemised treatment plan and answering any questions you may have.

Holistic Dentistry

Gentle, holistic dentistry with patient care at the heart of everything we do. Mercury free fillings, researched backed practices.

Same Day Crowns

Cutting edge Cerec Technology and on-site lab allow us to provide same-day crown service in the comfort of our Bournemouth dental practice.

Teeth Whitening

Whiter teeth in just one hour! Get 6 to 10 shades whiter, with our in office teeth whitening treatments. A brighter smile is just an hour away!

Our Dentist – Dr. Gorjifar

 Dr Maziar Gorjifar DDS (GDC No-77706) graduated from Malmö University –Sweden, faculty of odontology in 2000.

He has developed his practice to create a truly one-of-a-kind experience for people looking to transform their smiles.

In Dr. Gorjifar`s own words, “One of the reasons I love being a dentist is that the possibilities with your teeth are limitless. This, combined with my commitment to clinical excellence with biocompatible material, evidence based dentistry and continuing education, makes me stay up to date and able to create personally tailored treatment plans for each of my patient. The state of the art technology that is available at our practice in Bournemouth enables me to give you a beautiful, healthy, natural smile without pain or discomfort.”

Dr. Gorjifar uses the latest restorative materials, free of BPA, mercury free, so your new crowns and fillings will not have a negative effect on your health. We also offer safe mercury filling removal, and referral to a holistic healthcare practitioner, and more. For a truly excellent dental experience, visit our Bournemouth dental practice soon!

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Our Advantages

0% Finance

We are dedicated to finding an affordable solution to your dental needs. We can tailor your treatment plan and offer 0% financing. Visit us today, and achieve your best smile! Bournemouth Dental Practice

Our Southbourne
Dentist Surgery

Is furnished with State of the Art Equipment. We pride ourselves on providing the highest standards of comfort. Relax and enjoy your time in our Southbourne dentist surgery. 

Guarantee Success
of Treatments

Most of our treatments are covered by a long term guarantee which will be discussed with you before beginning treatment.

Certified Dentist

With over 16 years of dental experience and experience with implants, we are experts in all facets of dentistry.

Private Dentist in Bournemouth

Dentist In Bournemouth Performing Dentistry

Dr. Maziar Gorjifar is a dentist in Bournemouth, owner and head of dentistry at Pearl Fine Dental Care. Dr. Gorjifar and his staff is dedicated to providing gentle, holistic, cosmetic dentistry and family dentistry, using the most up-to-date technology and research based practices. We use mercury free fillings that are safe for the whole family. Our Bournemouth dental surgery is dedicated to patient education and comfort throughout the dental process. 

Pearl Fine Dental Care is committed to complying with the personal data protection provisions provided for in the GDPR. Please see our Privacy Policy for details about how we collect and use personal information, online and in our practice.

Dental Clinic Committed To Providing Exceptional Patient Care

  • Top Rated Dental Clinic in Bournemouth by

  • Family Dentistry – Treating Children And Adults

  • Modern, Stylish Design With Patient Comfort In Mind

  • Cutting Edge Technology Provides State Of The Art Results

  • Preferred By Clients For Our Professionalism And Dedication To Patient Education

  • We will pick you up from your home and provide you with return transport by taxi*
    *only valid for treatment costing over £1500. Only within a radius of 15 miles.


Through the use of Cerec technology, and with an in-surgery lab, we are able to provide same-day crown service in our private, relaxed Bournemouth dental clinic. Our state of the art equipment and comfortable surroundings are only a few of the reasons that our patients recommend us to their friends. We strive to establish great patient relationships, ensuring that your experience with us is always enjoyable. When you need a dentist in Bournemouth, we hope you’ll think of Pearl Fine Dental Care. 


Top Rated Cosmetic Dentist In Bournemouth

  • Best Local Cosmetic Dentistry

  • Affordable Smile Makeovers

  • Superior Cosmetic Dentistry From A Private Provider

  • Holistic Provider

Dr. Gorjifar offers a wide range of cosmetic dental procedures to provide his patients with a variety of options for treating oral disorders. From veneers to implants, Pearl Fine Dental Care offers affordable cosmetic treatments to fit any budget. Our in-surgery lab, at the dentist in Bournemouth, allows us to provide one-hour caps and crowns, which cuts down on the time out of work for our patients. Dental veneers offer a fast way to improve your smile! For more information on the cosmetic dentistry in Bournemouth and the treatments we offer, call our Southbourne dental practice today!


A Dental Implant Practitioner You Can Trust

  • Affordable Implant Options

  • Permanent Teeth Replacement

  • Gentle, Experienced Periodontist

  • Partial Or Full Implants

Though not a periodontal specialist, Dr. Gorjifar has a special interest in periodontology. He has nearly two decades of experience in helping his patients achieve their most beautiful and long lasting smile through dental implants. Dr. Gorjifar is committed to the long-term benefit of dental implants and spends time educating patients about the proper preparation, oral hygiene, and oral health requirements for successful implants. He spends whatever amount of time is required, educating his patients about the dental treatment options that are available and helps them create a plan of treatment to fit their specific needs. This exceptional patient care is what keeps him a preferred dental provider in Bournemouth.


Emergency Dental Services When You Need It

  • Out-of-hours Dental Care

  • Urgent Care When You’re In Pain

  • One-Hour Crowns – When You Don’t Have Time To Lose

  • Immediate Dental Attention

When you find yourself in need of emergency dental care, Dr. Gorjifar offers out-of-hours dental service. A quick call will reach someone who can help you when you’re in pain and get you the dental attention you require. When you need an emergency dentist in Bournemouth, call Pearl Fine Dental Care!


Root Canal Dentist

  • Root Canal Procedure Provided In-Office

  • Experience And Compassion When Root Canal Treatment Is Required

  • Local, Gentle, Caring Endodontic Care

No one likes to have a root canal procedure. It can be scary and intimidating. However, Dr. Gorjifar has years of experience in performing root canals and takes the time to explain the procedure, bringing calm and a sense of peace. You’ll experience a different kind of consultation when you visit our Bournemouth Dental Practice.


A Trust Dental Surgeon

  • Experienced And Personable Dental Surgeon

  • Dedicated To Superior Patient Care

  • Gentle And Compassionate Wisdom Teeth Removal

When you need an oral surgeon, especially for having your wisdom teeth, or third molars, removed, you want to be sure you’ve gotten a dental surgeon who is experienced and compassionate. If you need an oral surgeon or dentist in Bournemouth, Pearl Fine Dental Care has you covered!


Holistic Medicine Practitioner – Providing Holistic Dentistry

  • Biological Dentist Committed To Healthy Dentistry

  • Amalgam Free Dental Care

  • Mercury Free Dental Practice

Dr. Gorjifar is committed to dentistry that supports the health of the entire person. Good oral health is important to the overall health of the individual. Strong teeth lead to better nutritional, better gut health, and a healthier outlook on life. Good dental care can lead to better self esteem and improved mental health. By treating the entire person, rather than just the superficial aspects of dentistry, Dr. Gorjifar is committed to better overall health and can refer his patients to a variety of other holistic caregivers. Pearl Fine Dental Care is one of only a few biological dentists in Bournemouth.


Denture Care Center – Discover Your Best Smile

  • False Teeth That Look Better Than The Original

  • Partial Dentures – When You Don’t Need A Full Set

  • Dental Bridges – An Affordable Alternative To Implants

In-surgery technology allows our staff to create and deliver new dentures in record time! We offer affordable dental dentures to suit any budget and fit any need. You’ll discover how convenient and affordable attractive new dentures can be at our Bournemouth dental practice.

Affordable dentures at our Bournemouth dental practice.


Teeth Whitening Service – Whiter Teeth Fast!

  • Whiter Teeth In Just One Hour With Zoom!

  • Achieve Whiter Teeth At Home With Convenient At Home Treatment

  • Affordable Teeth Whitening Options

We offer in-surgery treatments that can give you whiter teeth in just one hour, or at-home treatments that allow you to gradually work toward whiter teeth in the comfort of your own home.

Get whiter teeth at the Southbourne dentist, Pearl Fine Dental Care

Experience The Pearl Difference

The entire staff at our Southbourne dentist surgery is dedicated to providing an exceptional patient experience. We offer a variety of cosmetic dentistry options, including dental implants, veneers, dental bridges, teeth whitening, and a total smile makeover using a combination of these treatments. Listed in the UK Business Directory. Learn more about Bournemouth and things to do in our area by vising our All About Bournemouth pages.

Schedule your initial consultation today and experience the difference in care for yourself at Pearl Fine Dental Care, a Southbourne Dentist. Call us on 01202 421 999.

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