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Bournemouth in a resort down located on the southern coast of England. A large resort community, Bournemouth is home to over 183,000 people and is the largest town in Dorset County. In combination with Poole and Christchurch, Bournemouth is the center of the South East Dorset conurbation. The three towns together are home to more than 465,000 people.

The area initially developed as a health resort. Founded in 1810 by Lewis Tregonwell, the are really began to grow after it was recognized in Augustus Granville’s book, The Spas of England, 1841. Although Bournemouth is a part of the greater Dorset County, it operates independently of the Dorset County Council. The local authority is the Bournemouth Borough Council.

History of Bournemouth, UK

In the early days, no one lived in the area that is now called Bournemouth. Before 1800, the area was completely devoid of human settlement and was primarily used for smuggling and occasional fishing. There were villages at Throop, Kinson, Holdenhurst, Iford and Pokedown, but between these communities lay a wilderness of pine.

The area was originally called “Bourne Mouth,” meaning the mouth of the Bourne stream. No one lived there, but it was used as a landing place for smugglers bringing in illicit tea, tobacco and alcohol. The eastern part of the heath was used as common land by people living in the surrounding areas. They grazed livestock and cut wood there. The western and sounhern areas were once a hunting estate, but by the late 1700s was largely unmaintained.

Up until 1802, the area was common land. But with the Christchurch Inclosures Act of 1802 and the Inclosure Commissioners’ Award of 1805, hundreds of acres of land were transferred into private ownership. Three commissioners were appointed to make the division, Richard Richardson, John Wickens, and William Calpcott.

The commoners were concerned that all of their land in the area was being given to gentry and they persuaded a local farmer to draft a petition asking that land be set aside for common use, so that they wouldn’t lose their right to graze livestock and gather wood in the area. As a result of the petition, five areas of land, totally 425 acres, were set aside for common use. These five areas are now called “Meyrick Park,” Queen’s Park,” “King’s Park,” “Redhill Common” and Seafield Gardens.” The Five Parks Charity hold these lands in trust and provide for their care and upkeep today.

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Bournemouth Tourist Attractions

The Victorian architecture of the town centre, as well as several very old and famous churches in the area, draw more than five million visitors to Bournemouth each year. Bournemouth is also a popular business destination, with the Bournemouth International Centre, or BIC, hosting dozens of business conferences and gathering each month.

Large stretches of golden sand beckon to the residents of the UK, drawing them to visit during the summer months to enjoy sun bathing, numerous music and art festivals, as well as cycling events in the region. The seven miles of gorgeous beach along the Bournemouth Coast offers a multitude of fantastic summer activities.

Each year in August, Bournemouth is host to the annual Bournemouth Air Festival, the largest event of its kind in the world. The award winning air festival can be viewed from anywhere along the Bournemouth coastline. Since its inception in 2008, the Bournemouth Air Festival has entertained more than 9 million people!

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Bournemouth – A Hub Of Technology Growth in the UK

According to the Telegraph, Bournemouth is ahead of London as a growing digital technology center. While beginning at a lower base than some of the other areas discussed in the article, the Telegraph identifies Bournemouth as the “fastest growing city in the digital economy” with more than a 212% increase in digital startup incorporations since 2010. As the world economy comes to depend more and more on digital commerce, Bournemouth will be a place to watch for up and coming business contributions.

With the Bournemouth International Centre, or BIC, located along the coastline of Bournemouth, the draw for big business to visit the area is great. The BIC hosts exhibitions and business events, cultural and artistic events, and is involved in the overall development of the surrounding region. The BIC stimulates the entire economy through its conference and event hosting.

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