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Dental Clinic in Bournemouth

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      • Holistic Dental Treatments – Care With The “Whole” Person In Mind

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Pearl Fine Dental Care was rated one of the top three best dental clinics in Bournemouth in 2018 by However, our patients have preferred and referred us to their friends for much longer. We make patient comfort and care our primary focus, ensuring that each person has an excellent experience when they visit our Bournemouth dental surgery.

Holistic Dental Care

Dr. Maziar Gorjifar, the head of dentistry at Pearl Fine Dental Care dental clinic in Bournemouth, completed his dental studies in Odontology at Malmö University in Sweden. He is a firm believer in treating patients as an entire person, recognizing that improved oral health effects improved physical and mental health.

Dr. Gorjifar engages in mercury free dentistry and has connections with other holistic medical practitioners in the area, to whom he can refer patients who wish for further holistic treatments.

Private Dental Surgery

A private practice can provide superior dental care with state-of-the-art equipment, in comfort and style. Dr. Gorjifar enjoys providing same day crowns, caps and bridges through the in-surgery lab and use of Cerec technology. Having an in-clinic lab eliminates the need for multiple dental visits to have a single tooth or crown created and placed.

Affordable Dental Care For The Whole Family

Dr. Gorjifar treats both children and adults, providing excellent dental care for the entire family. He is committed to patient education and spends whatever time is necessary to explain the treatments available and creating a personalised treatment plan for each patient at our dental clinic in Bournemouth.

A Commitment To Personalized Dental Excellence

Dr. Maziar helps his patients to understand the correlation between excellent oral hygiene and improved dental outcomes. He is careful in his implementation of dental treatments, ensuring that the treatment chosen for each candidate is the very best for that individual. He will not perform dental procedures on patients who are not a good health candidate for the procedure in question. However, he will work with patients to find the most healthful, long-lasting, and beneficial treatment for their specific situation. This commitment to personalized dental care makes him the ideal dentist for the entire family. Visit our Bournemouth dental clinic to experience the difference for yourself.