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Holistic Dentist In Bournemouth

Holistic Dental Care In A Comfortable, Private Setting

Biological Dentist In Bournemouth


  • Biological Dentistry That Focuses On The Whole Person And Their Overall Health

  • Mercury Free Fillings

  • Rated #1 In Gentle Dental Care By Patients

  • Affordable, Holistic Dentistry For The Whole Family

Biological Dentistry

While about half of all dentists are considered “mercury free,” not all of those fully understand the health risks associated with dental amalgam. Understanding these risks are important for dentists who engage in the removal and replacement of amalgam fillings. Dr. Maziar Gorjifar, head of dentistry at Pearl Find Dental Care, has a passion for the health and well-being of his patients. He has studied holistic dentistry and treats your teeth as an integral part your body and a key piece of your overall health.

Mercury Free Fillings

Amalgam is a major source of environmental mercury pollution and dangerous to the human body. At Pearl Fine Dental Care, you’ll never be asked to consider amalgam fillings. We offer only safe, mercury free fillings for our patients. Your health is too important to us, we would never risk it with cheap dental fillings.

Top Quality Dental Care

Dr. Maziar helps his patients understand the correlation between excellent oral hygiene and improved dental outcomes. He is careful in his implementation of dental treatments, ensuring that the treatment chosen for each candidate is the very best solution for that individual. He will not perform dental procedures on patients who are not a good health candidate for the procedure in question. However, he will work with patients to find the most healthful, long-lasting, and beneficial treatment for their specific situation. This commitment to personalized dental care makes him the ideal dentist for the entire family. Visit our Bournemouth dental clinic to experience the difference that holistic dentistry can make.

Holistic Dental Care For The Whole Family

Dr. Maziar Gorjifar and his professional staff are experienced in treating the dental needs of patients of all ages. We enjoy treating children and adults. You are welcome to bring your whole family to our holistic dental practice in Bournemouth for a superior dental experience.

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