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Southbourne dentist Dr. Maziar GorjifarDr. Maziar Gorjifar is the owner and head of dentistry at Pearl Fine Dental Care. Rated the best dentist in Southbourne in 2018 by, Dr. Gorjifar has long been a favorite among his patients. Our patients have been referring us to friends as a practice that is committed to stress free, holistic dentistry where we make patient comfort and care our primary focus. We are committed to ensuring that each patient has a fabulous experience when they visit the best Southbourne dentist, Dr. Gorjifar.

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Holistic Dental Care In Southbourne

Dr. Maziar Gorjifar, the head of surgery at Pearl Fine Dental Care, completed his dental studies in Odontology at Malmö University in Sweden. He is a firm believer in treating patients as an entire person, recognizing that improved oral health effects improved physical and mental health.

Dr. Gorjifar engages in mercury free dentistry and has connections with other holistic medical practitioners in the area, to whom he can refer patients who wish for further holistic treatments. If you’re looking for a holistic dentist in Bournemouth, Dr. Gojifar is your guy!


Top Rated Private Southbourne Dentist

We are a private practice, providing superior dental care with state-of-the-art equipment, in comfort and style. Dr. Gorjifar enjoys providing same day crowns, caps and bridges through the in-surgery lab and use of Cerec technology. Having an in-clinic lab eliminates the need for multiple dental visits to have a single tooth or crown created and placed.


Affordable Dental Care For The Whole Family

We offer a full range of dental procedures, including all general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and dental implants. Our treatments include:

  • Healthier, Mercury Free Fillings
  • Stress Free Tooth Extractions
  • Top Rated Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Convenient, One-Hour Crowns
  • Affordable Dental Implants
  • Full & Partial Dentures

Whatever your family’s dental needs, we can meet them in a comfortable, private environment here at Pearl Fine Dental Care, your Southbourne dentist.


Biologically Responsible Mercury Free Fillings

We use the most bio-compatible treatments available, backed by evidence based research, to provide you with a holistic approach to dental care. We only use mercury free fillings for our patients. These fillings are anatomically correct, meaning that when you smile really wide, no one will ever see that you have a “mouth full of fillings.” Mercury free fillings are safer for you and for your whole family. and all we offer here at our Southbourne dentist surgery.


Stress Free Tooth Extractions

No one wants to have a tooth pulled, but if you have to have it done, you want it done correctly and at a great price. We offer front tooth extractions as low as £55 and back tooth extractions for just £85. Our Southbourne dentist, Dr. Gorjifar, has an exceptional manner and instills calm and reassurance in all of his patients. If you have to have a tooth pulled, he’s the guy you want to have doing it!


Dental Cleanings For The Whole Family

A thorough examination and cleaning of the teeth can reveal any current oral health issues and improve the appearance of your teeth by removing any plaque buildup. Dental cleanings are recommended every six months and help you maintain a great oral hygiene routine. If you’re nervous about going to the dentist for a checkup, remember that regular examinations can identify problems before they become painful or expensive to treat. We offer reasonably priced dental cleanings at our Southbourne dental practice.


Affordable Dental Implants

A good candidate for teeth implants has healthy gums and bone structure.Dental Implants are new teeth, mounted on a titanium rod that fused to your jaw bone. The new teeth look and feel exactly like your real teeth. Dental implants are permanent and will last twenty years or more, when properly cared for. For an itemised treatment plan and individual cost analysis, please schedule a consultation.



Periodontal Treatment

Disorders that affect the supporting structures of the teeth, such as the gum tissue, ligaments and bone structure that hold teeth in place, are known as periodontal diseases. These include: Gingivitis – inflammation of the gums, usually caused by bacteria that grows in plaque. Gingivitis will cause your gums to bleed easily during brushing, or sometimes when you simply rub the gums with a finger. Periodontitis – untreated gingivitis leads to periodontitis, a condition that may have few symptoms in the early stages. Later stages will see bad breath, increased spaces between teeth, the teeth will become loose, and pain may be experienced. Advanced cases of periodontitis may exhibit abscesses between the roots, gums, or jawbone. Untreated, periodontitis can lead to gum recession. This is a condition where the gum line moves away from the crown of the tooth, exposing the root.


Top Rated Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr. Gorjifar has been rated one of the top three cosmetic dentists in the region. At Pearl Fine Dental Care we believe that you shouldn’t have to be a movie star to have a great smile!

  • Top Quality Cosmetic Dentistry Will Give You A Great Smile
  • Whiter, Straighter Teeth Fast With Dental Veneers
  • Affordable Dental Bridges Improve Your Appearance And Health
  • One Hour Dental Crowns Save You Time
  • In Surgery Lab Provides Fast Cosmetic Dental Service

How Important Is A Good Smile?

The cosmetic dentist in Southbourne can ensure you have a beautiful smile like this.One of the first things you notice about a person is their smile. People all over the world are aware of this and are conscious of the state of their own smile. Negative feelings about the appearance of your teeth can lead to a reluctance to smile and feelings of poor self confidence. This can have devastating effects on your personal and business life.
Having a beautiful smile that you can feel confident about is something that everyone wants and everyone deserves. Cosmetic dentistry offers some incredibly beautiful options, including a number of less expensive ways for you to improve your smile on a budget! There are many different cosmetic treatments available to address a number of “smile complaints.”


Dental Veneers In Southbourne

Dental Veneers are thin shells of porcelain material that are adhered to the surface of your existing teeth to correct a number of “smile concerns.” Dental veneers are a faster way to achieve a brilliant smile and less expensive than some other methods. Dental veneers can remedy crooked and/or stained teeth. Dental veneers are long lasting, providing you with a brilliant smile that will last 25 years or more!


Dental Bridges At The Southbourne Dentist

Dental bridges are a cost effective solution to missing teeth. Dental bridges are a partial denture that anchors to neighbouring teeth to provide a tight fitting, comfortable replacement for missing teeth. Dental bridges improve your appearance by preventing “face fall,” a condition that can occur when one or more teeth are missing and the face structure begins to “fall in” causing wrinkles and premature aging. Dental bridges can improve the speech disruptions that occur because of missing teeth. Nutritional uptake is also improved with dental bridges, as the wearer is better able to chew their food and enjoy a wider variety of items that could not before be enjoyed with missing teeth.


Partial Dentures Near Southbourne

Partial dentures are a cost effective solution to missing teeth. Partial dentures can improve your appearance by preventing “face fall,” a condition that can occur when one or more teeth are missing and the face structure begins to “fall in” causing wrinkles and premature aging. Dentures can improve the speech disruptions that occur because of missing teeth. Nutritional uptake is also improved with partial dentures, as the wearer is better able to chew their food and enjoy a wider variety of items that could not before be enjoyed with missing teeth. For an individualized treatment plan and cost analysis for partial dentures, please schedule a consultation with our Southbourne practice.


Fast And Convenient, One-Hour Dental Crowns In Southbourne

A crown is a “fake” tooth, created from a composite material and made to exactly match your natural teeth. The new tooth is then bonded to a part of your natural teeth or to a titanium post that’s been fused to your jaw bone. The new dental crown then becomes a permanent part of your teeth, performing and feeling just like your natural teeth do. A dental crown is used when a natural tooth is severely cracked, or damaged, or to replace missing teeth. For an individualized treatment plan and cost analysis for dental crowns, please visit us at our dentist surgery in Southbourne.


Denture Care Center At Our Southbourne Dentist Practice

At Pearl Fine Dental Care, we provide a full denture care service. A denture is a removable prosthesis, used to replace missing teeth and commonly referred to as “false teeth.” Dentures are made of acrylic and replace a person’s natural teeth. A good set of dentures helps you to speak better, eat with more enjoyment and nutrition, function as you did before you lost teeth, and often improves a person’s appearance. Boosted self-confidence is one of the marked advantages of getting great dentures. When a person has become used to missing teeth, they are often self conscious about their appearance and tend to smile and laugh less. This leads to a lower level of life enjoyment and has even been known to spiral into depression. New dentures can help you live life more fully! For an individualized treatment plan and itemised cost analysis, please visit our dental practice in Southbourne.

Dr. Gorjifar treats both children and adults, providing excellent dental care for the entire family. He is committed to patient education and spends whatever time is necessary to explain the treatments available and creating a personalised treatment plan.


A Commitment To Personalized Dental Excellence

Dr. Maziar helps his patients to understand the correlation between excellent oral hygiene and improved dental outcomes. He is careful in his implementation of dental treatments, ensuring that the treatment chosen for each candidate is the very best for that individual. He will not perform dental procedures on patients who are not a good health candidate for the procedure in question. However, he will work with patients to find the most healthful, long-lasting, and beneficial treatment for their specific situation. This commitment to personalized dental care makes him the ideal dentist for the entire family.

When you’re looking for the best dentist in Bournemouth, you’ll find Dr. Gorjifar at Pearl Fine Dental Care to be an excellent choice! Call us for a consultation and experience a different kind of dentist visit. Call 01202 421999 today!