Dental Treatments In Bournemouth

Dental Treatments in Bournemouth

Pearl Fine Dental Care is a private, holistic dental practice in Bournemouth providing superior cosmetic, preventive, and emergency dental care to patients in Bournemouth and the surrounding counties. Dr. Gorjifar, the owner of Pearl Fine Dental Care, studied holistic dentistry in Sweden and is committed to providing gentle, safe, mercury free dentistry to his patients. With a focus on patient education, Dr. Gorjifar is known for his patient and exceptional customer care.

“I want to ensure my patients have all of the information they require to make an informed decision about their oral health,” Dr. Gorjifar said. “With all of the new technologies that we have access to today, there is no need for anyone to have anything less that a beautiful smile.”

Holistic Dental Treatments in Bournemouth

Dr. Gorjifar is known for putting his patients at ease and providing an exceptional and comfortable dental experience.

Pearl Fine Dental Care offers a full compliment of preventive, emergency and cosmetic dental care:

Holistic Dentistry – Mercury free fillings and a gentle approach, with a focus on patient education and comfort.

Cosmetic Dentistry – Achieve your best smile with cosmetic dental treatment, including dental implants, veneers, bridges and total smile makeovers, all in the privacy and comfort of our top notch facility.

Same Day Crowns – Using cutting edge Cerec Technology, we offer same day creation and placement of crowns and bridges in the comfort of our private office.

One Hour Teeth Whitening – Using Zoom! Teeth Whitening Technology, we can offer our clients teeth that are 6 to 10 shades whiter in just one hour!

Dental Implants – Discover how beautiful your smile can be, with dental implants placed in the comfort and privacy of our Bournemouth surgery.

Free Cosmetic And Implant Consultation – Receive a free initial consultation and evaluation when you visit our surgery for the first time.

Dental Treatments in Bournemouth

Pearl Fine Dental Care offers holistic, gentle dental treatments for the whole family.
Pearl Fine Dental Care offers holistic, gentle dental treatments for the whole family.

Private, holistic dentist in Bournemouth, offering same day crowns and cosmetic dental treatment, as well as preventive and emergency dental care. Using cutting edge technology and a commitment to patient education, we ensure that our patients understand all of their dental options and are empowered to make informed decisions about their oral health.


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